• Question: What is the terminal valozity of a human ( the average height and weight)

    Asked by 828xygg42 to Roisin, Mark, Gavin on 17 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Mark Kennedy

      Mark Kennedy answered on 17 Nov 2016:

      Terminal velocity is given by

      Vt = sqrt(2*m*g/p*A*Cd)

      Where m is your mass (for me this is 80 kg), g is gravity (=9.8 m/s^2), p is density of fluid you’re moving through (in air p =1.225 kg/m^3), A is the project area of a human (=2 m^2 for my height) and Cd is your drag coefficiant (assume 1 for a human).

      So plugging the numbers in, you get about 25 m/s or 90 km/h.

      Of course…this isn’t related to your homework is it? 😉