• Question: What inspires you to do science?

    Asked by TheCamel to Gavin, Karen, Mark, Michel, Roisin on 7 Nov 2016. This question was also asked by 276xygg23.
    • Photo: Karen

      Karen answered on 7 Nov 2016:

      My pay check!!
      And the fact that as a medical scientist I am very much involved in the treatment and diagnosis of disease. 70% approx of diagnosis by doctors is based on the results obtained from the lab. we are very much involved in recommending further avenues of testing and in the interpretation of results.

      There is a huge adrenaline rush when you are involved in an emergency (especially if like me you work in blood transfusion) and a huge sense of satisfaction when a patient makes it through the night because of the combined efforts of doctors, nurses and the laboratory. I would have a huge involvement in emergencies such as meningococcal meningitis, malaria, car accidents etc.
      Patients are what inspire me and their well being

    • Photo: Michel Destrade

      Michel Destrade answered on 7 Nov 2016:

      The thought that maybe one day one of my results will help someone.

      Also, as a kid, I was always wondering how does the world work. It was hard to make sense of it all, until I studied physics and saw that it could explain a lot of things!

      I still get a kick out of solving an equation, every time. It’s a bit like when you finally reach the next level at a video game, you get a great personal satisfaction, but then you still go on to play some more. It’s never ending!

    • Photo: Mark Kennedy

      Mark Kennedy answered on 8 Nov 2016:

      Like Michel, I’ve always been curious with how things work, and how things are put together. So, for me, trying to figure out how the Universe works, and how it’s all put together, is what inspires me!

      That, and whenever there’s a clear night, I go outside and look at the starry sky. Just staring up at it, wondering what’s out there waiting to be discovered, inspires me to do my work.

    • Photo: Gavin Coleman

      Gavin Coleman answered on 10 Nov 2016:

      I love the opportunity to learn more about how the world around us works, while hoping to discover something that may one day improve human health, or make a difference. I can’t help but be curious about what makes things tick, and the ability to learn something or understand something that nobody else has before is invigorating 🙂

    • Photo: Roisin Jones

      Roisin Jones answered on 13 Nov 2016:

      Curiosity! I love finding out how pieces of the world fit together, and there’s something very exciting about being the first person to discover how something works, even if it’s only something small. Also, knowing that my work may help people gives me a deep sense of satisfaction, as I’d like to leave the world a slightly better place than I found it!